How to prepare for a viewing

8 February 2011

Are you thinking, ‘I want to sell my house’? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place as we take a look at the ways in which you can prepare your home for a viewing.

The aim should be to achieve the best possible sale price for your home, in the right timescales. To put you in the best position to do so, we have a number of tips to keep in mind.

Sell my house – The importance of first impressions

The first impression a buyer has often defines whether they will make an offer or not. Just as we do when we meet other people, our minds are often made up about property within the first few seconds.

With first impressions of vital importance, make sure that you pay particular attention to the front of your house – the ‘curb appeal’. Go outside and try to look objectively at your house, imagining you are a potential buyer. With gardens, make sure they are kept tidy and the grass is cut.

Similarly, make sure any paths are clear and weeded, and that the front gate (if applicable) has a new coat of paint. You may also want to paint the front door again, to keep your property looking fresh from the outside.

Although this may sound like a hassle, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of making the exterior of your house attractive – as your viewers may make their mind up before they event enter.

Sell my house – Getting the inside of your house ready

Think about what you want to see as you enter a house. Think as if you are the buyer, rather than the owner. We have found that what most people want to see is a well-lit and clean interior.

To achieve this fresh feel you should try to remove any clutter from the hallway or front room. Clearing away unnecessary furniture will help the viewer to envisage themselves living in the property, which is exactly what you want. This includes removing all personal photos and clearing away any unique ornaments.

There are little hints to consider too, such as using mirrors to make rooms look bigger or removing rugs as they tend to make rooms look smaller.

Sell my house – Keep it clean

The last thing you want is for the potential buyer to see dirt and grime in your home. Have a complete spring clean of your house, looking into every corner to make sure it is spotless. The full clean of your home should also include removing any unpleasant odours, including the smell that any pets may bring. You may also want to refrain from cooking (apart from perhaps a loaf of bread) before a viewing, as the smell of disliked food may cause potential disdain from a buyer.

Sell my house – The most important rooms

All rooms are important. But there are a couple that you may want to pay particular attention to. The kitchen is perhaps the most important room, and you will want this to be looking as enticing as possible. Replace any worn external fittings and give the ceiling a new lick of paint. Organise the cupboards and tidy away the worktop appliances. This way your kitchen will look clean, tidy and spacious.

Another key room to bear in mind is the bathroom. Paying attention to your bathroom could potentially pay off when it comes to offers and viewings. First things first, clean it comprehensively and get rid of any mould. Clean the toilet bowl thoroughly and freshen the room up with a new shower/bath curtain.

These are just a start. There are many more ways in which you can prepare for a viewing but if you keep the essentials in mind – clean, tidy and neutral – then you stand a good chance of attracting buyers and offers.

Any questions? Speak with one of our property gurus about how we can help you sell your home. Alternatively, arrange a full house valuation with an accredited estate agent to find out what your home is worth.


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