28 June 2013

Moving house is a difficult task at the best of times. But items such as pianos and chandeliers can be particularly difficult to move from one location to another and requires additional planning and preparation. Today, we’re going to take a look at the moving process these unusual items require.

Moving a piano

A piano can be a tricky item to pack and move, and there is no doubt it will prove to be a heavy and awkward challenge. It is vital that you have help available and experience in this area is a must to avoid disastrous damage. Here is how it’s done:

• Tools: Some heavy-duty straps for moving and holding the piano in place and a furniture dolly are needed.
• Route: Plan the route and use a tape measure to ensure a smooth process, from start to finish. This is especially the case in narrow properties, or is the piano is not on the ground floor. If you find that you can’t find a suitable route, a removals company may suggest using a window. 
• Wrap securely: Close and secure the keyboard lid to protect the keys, and wrap and tape some thick padding or blankets on the piano.
• Lift: Ensure the piano remains in an upright location to protect the inner mechanics, place the straps under the piano on each end and then lift it onto the dolly.
• Move: Fasten the piano to the dolly and take your time moving it to the truck, where it is best placed by the rear wall.
• Even surface: Use wood planks if the floor in the truck is uneven and position these along the back wall. Lift the piano using the straps and secure the piano to the truck wall.
• Moving in: Once you have enjoyed the process of reversing the above steps, remember to retune the piano.

Moving a chandelier

A chandelier can be an expensive, delicate and often heavy item – it is also a tricky item to pack and move. The below tips will help you:

• Plan ahead: Get your hands on a sturdy box that will take the weight of a chandelier, and measure it to allow room for the chandelier and foam on the top and the bottom.
• Remove from ceiling: Put something soft below the chandelier during removal (just in case) and have help during the moving process. 
• Power off: Make sure the power is turned off when you do this! Uncouple the wires and with assistance, manoeuvre the chandelier to the floor.
• Detachable areas: Remove the light bulbs, wires and any removable prisms or chains; some also have removable arms. Place these in separate boxes with newspaper or bubble wrap.
• Move it: With assistance, lift the chandelier and place it upright in the box with foam on the bottom. Put packing peanuts in the box to keep the chandelier secure and place the other piece of foam on top.
• Close and move: After the chandelier is tightly packed close the box and use tape to properly secure it (top and bottom).

Moving a pool table

Dismantling a pool table can take around an hour from start to finish, but longer if you’re not experienced. This job will need assistance from others:

• Labelling: Just a note here that it is best to label each part and keep a record of all the screws and bolts!
• Be careful: Try to keep the pool table stationary – otherwise the calibration may be affected. And, once again, securing items with proper packaging and padding is essential.
• Remove the bumpers: Remove these from all sides of the pool table to expose the slate.
• Remove the felt: This may be stapled or glued to the table, or both, so be gentle and move around the table gradually.
• Pick up the slate: Slate tables are best removed with a drill. A pool table will normally have two or three pieces of slate so assistance is needed during lifting. Use padding to protect the slate when moving location.
• Disassemble the legs: Turn the table over with the assistance of your helper(s) and remove the legs from the frame, after which removing the pockets is the next step.
• Move it: Once everything is properly packed away and secure it is time to move the pool table.

Packing and moving a piano, a chandelier or a pool table is never going to be an easy task. The best thing you can do is take your time and get some help.

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