How to dress a house for a sale

25 September 2014

There have been great improvements in the property market and Britain has seen some of the fastest selling times on record this year. However, this does not mean we should become complacent when presenting our properties for sale. Appearance is paramount and if you are looking to get the best price for your property, read our top tips.

First impressions count
Kerb appeal is key. If you are going to spend time presenting the inside you need to spend some time on the outside too. Viewers will often disregard a property before they’ve stepped inside if the outside is not appealing.

Clear any paths of rubbish and weeds, clean all windows and doors. Place a plant pot or hanging basket near the front door, hide any bins and other unsightly items out of view to help make the property more inviting.

Light there be light
Light and space are important factors which you need to maximise as they will appeal to every buyer. Consider investing in some new table lamps for the bedroom or living room. Lamps are also great for lighting any dark corners and hallways. Maximise natural light by making sure all curtains and blinds are fully open in every room.

Tidy up
It might seem pretty basic, but tidy up before a viewing. Put the laundry away, do the washing up and remove anything that does not need to be on display out of site. Reducing the amount of clutter will also help create the illusion of space.

Often dark and narrow hallways need a bit of help to bring them to life. You can create the impression of light and space by placing a mirror in the hallway. Also lighting dark hallway corners with lamps and minimising furniture will help maximise space. Put coats or shoes you don’t need upstairs and out of the way.

Kitchens tend to be the focal point of a home and are often a main selling point. For viewings kitchens need to be spotless including the cupboards and appliances. Put away as much as possible to maximise the work space however leaving a few gadgets out such as a nice coffee maker can add an aspirational appeal. Putting on a pot of coffee or baking from bread before a viewing is often advised it really does add a homely feel.

Dress the table
Dining rooms are often neglected, mainly being used as a home office or storage space. To maximise the selling power of this room clear everything out and dress the table as if you were going to have posh dinner party to display an aspirational lifestyle. At the very least add a centre piece to the table such as a vase with flowers to give the room a sense of purpose.

Bathrooms should be spotless. Tidy away or hide any products just leaving a nice soap on display to help create space. A cluttered bathroom is not very appealing. Purchasing a set of brightly coloured towels can bring a bathroom back to life and won’t break the bank.

Last but not least
Ensure your property is dressed and ready for presentation when the agent takes the marketing photos for the website. This is the first time potential buyers will see your property and it will often be the difference between them viewing or not.


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