Having trouble selling?

24 June 2011

Whilst selling your house can be a very exciting time, in some cases it can be a challenging process - particularly if you find that your property is not receiving the viewings and offers you had anticipated. We estimate that there are currently tens of thousands of properties that are currently on the market longer than they should be. So what can you do if you have trouble selling?

How to sell your house

Think about the price

Although you may be reluctant to do this, consider the price you are asking for and how it compares to other properties in the market. Is it a competitive house valuation? Would a buyer choose your house over those valued at the same level? You don't necessarily have to reduce your figure, just keep it mind how it relates to the rest of the market.

Keep active

Are you still getting the same number of viewings that you had when you first placed your house on the market? If not, ask yourself why and what you can do to get potential buyers through the door. You could attract more buyers by offering incentives such as paying their stamp duty, or arrange for an open day where anyone can come visit your property.

Get to know the competition

In such a competitive market it's important to do your research. Look around at the local area, and the types of houses that are selling. What did they sell at? How long were they on the market? Find out what made these properties sell and whether you can apply the same rules to your situation.

Presentation, presentation, presentation

Take a look objectively at your house and whether it is presented to its highest standards. Are you clearly advertising its strongest points? Do the marketing photos do it justice? Think about what made you fall in love with the house, and try to get this across to anyone who is round for a viewing.

Keep in touch with your estate agent

Regular communication is vital, to make sure that you are all working off the same page. Ask the estate agent whether they have any ideas on how to speed up your sale, or increase the number of viewings you have. This will also show the estate agent your motivation and intention to achieve a sale quickly - which will hopefully encourage them to drive up more interest for your house.

Although this is by no means a comprehensive guide to selling your house, it gives you an insight into the things you can do to attract more buyers towards your property. Should you need any more impartial advice, get in touch with one of our Move Planners. They work with movers on a daily basis to help get their houses sold, and their help is available to you completely free of charge.


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