Harry Potter stars spend third of wealth on property

22 July 2011

The stars of the Harry Potter films have spent more than a third of their combined wealth on property portfolios that span across the globe.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint (all pictured above) have invested £24.5million, out of their reported collective £85million wealth, on a number of properties in New York, London and the French Alps!

Radcliffe, who is still just 21, has amassed an £11.2million property portfolio. This includes three in New York - a £4million townhouse in Greenwich Village, a £3million apartment in SoHo and a £3.5million penthouse in TriBeCa. In addition to these luxury properties, Radcliffe has also shelled out £730,000 on a flat near his parents' house in Fulham.

Watson has also gone international with her purchases, after buying a £1million chalet in the Merible ski resort in the French Alps. The actress, who also models for the fashion label Burberry, also owns a £3million townhouse in Hampstead, North London.

Grint has invested domestically, close to his home village of Watton-at-Stone. His Hertfordshire porfolio includes a £5.4million manor in 22 acres of grounds, a £3.35million house plus another £495,000 detached property. And all of these are mortgage-free!

With the latest instalment of the Harry Potter films already breaking records across the world these three stars can expect a lot more money to invest in their next property purchases. If the market continues its steady recovery, the sky's the limit for these property portfolios and their respective house valuations.

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