Guided busway may increase house prices in St. Ives

20 September 2011

Rising property prices predicted

Whilst its journey into existence has been a little bumpy, the guided busway offers an innovative travel route for people wanting to travel from Huntingdon and St. Ives to Cambridge. The busway was designed to ease heavy traffic on the A14 and to enable a better commuter route to Cambridge as well as its surrounding towns.

St. Ives is an attractive market town featuring a 15th Century bridge and an equally appealing quayside. Property prices in Huntingdon and St. Ives look good too. Three bedroom houses within easy travel distance from the town centre are on market for approximately £229, 950 and according to the Daily Mail, could rise.

Robin King, Move with Us Director, has commented: “With the new guided busway in place offering better commuter routes to Cambridge and London, property prices are well positioned to increase. A wider range of travel options tends to drive property prices up as they maximise work potential in the area.”

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