23 July 2010

When thinking of selling your home, a comprehensive market evaluation will keep you ahead of the class

Understanding the current property market and setting a realistic price for your home will not only increase the chance of a fast sell but also keeps you in control of the process. In this competitive market doing your homework will get you closer to your dream home.

One way of doing this is to get your home valued by independent estate agents so you get a realistic indication of what the value of your home is and what the expected timescales are, from the start. 

movewithus, the UK’s biggest network of estate agents have just launched their new Valuation service to home sellers whereby you can find out the value of your home before you release it to the market. This service uses multiple estate agencies, so you get a competitive value for your home right from the start. It also helps you understand the local conditions as well as any national criteria that may impact your move. By viewing historical selling prices for your home, as well as your neighbourhood, you can get valuable guidance on the sales process.

Robin King, Director of movewithus says: “We value over 2000 and sell more than 500 properties all over the UK each and every month, giving us the experience to accurately judge market conditions at any time.”

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