Fancy moving into the world of Walt Disney?

27 July 2011

Looking to relive your childhood? Your inner child would certainly jump at the chance to move into the magical world of Walt Disney, whose former home has just been put up for sale for $4million.

The 12-room mansion was built by Disney in 1932, for just $50,000 and is now listed for the best part of $4million. The house took just two months to complete, after Disney had released a series of successful short forms.

Disney's old residence also includes a projection and screening room, which one was used as an office for some of the studio's earlier productions - reportedly including Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The property also includes painted ceilings, a pool and is gated around an acre of land. The living room is two-storeys high and it still has the hard wood floors and original stained glass windows from the original construction.

Walt Disney lived in this house for around 18 years, along with several other properties in the LA area. It's hard to imagine the house valuation on all of these, but safe to say its enough to keep Mickey Mouse and his friends in business for a few more years.

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