Estate agents reveal unusual décor displayed in vendors’ homes

17 February 2015

A recent survey from Move with Us, home of the largest network of independent estate agents in the UK, has revealed the most sickeningly romantic things agents have seen in a property they’re trying to sell.

Sixty-one per cent of the agents surveyed had seen unusual romantic décor in a seller’s home. Of this group, 41% noted couples selling their home have decorated it with naked pictures of themselves. Fifty per cent of these photos had been up-scaled to a size of up to 6ft. Twenty per cent of this decorating choice was hundreds of pictures of the couple crafted to make a collage.

Eight per cent of agents that have witnessed unusual romantic décor have seen romantic paintings of couples in properties. Finally, 4% of agents have seen personalised pillowcases, mirrored ceilings and love timelines depicting the couple’s journey.

Here are the top five miscellaneous answers that made us chuckle:

  1. Pictures of an elderly couple making love on their bedroom walls
  2. A couple caught in bed
  3. A framed whip on the wall
  4. Revolving circular bed
  5. What can only be described as a ‘love shrine’

Simon King, Director of the Move with Us Partner Network commented:
“Whilst this is all good for a laugh, people that seriously want to sell their property should re-think these decorating choices as they really can put-off buyers or the property may sell but at a lower price than if they had made a few simple changes. Evidence shows that a property is more likely to sell if it’s neutralised as this helps potential buyers to imagine the space as their own. This includes taking down personal photos and neutralising any bright colour schemes.”


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