Estate agents move in for Olympic boom

10 October 2011

Estate agents are setting up shop in the East End in anticipation of rising property prices

High Street estate agents are opening offices in Stratford with an expected property boom around the corner.

Stratford property prices have risen 13% since 2005 but redevelopments in preparation for the Olympics mean that house prices are set to rise more quickly. The increasing number of luxury properties being built in the area in addition to the arrival of deluxe shopping centre Westfield and better transport links mean Stratford is an up and coming market.

Developers are buying an increasing amount of land to create new builds in preparation for the 2012 Olympics erecting housing in a much higher price bracket than previously seen that has drawn in new societal groups.

The gentrification of Stratford is however pricing out locals who cannot afford the rising rents of the rapidly developing area and are struggling to keep up with the changing landscape, as reported by the Guardian.

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