27 October 2010

An expert has suggested that tenants are increasingly choosing energy-efficient properties that are cheaper to heat, due to the rising cost of gas and electricity.

With the temperature lowering and the winter season on its way, landlords are being recommended to improve their property’s energy efficiency. David Salusbury, Chairman of the National Landlords Association, stated: "With everyone wanting to do their bit for the environment, landlords can help make their properties more desirable and reduce voids by taking a few simple steps to make them more sustainable."

Proprietors who consider the ways in which they can make their dwellings greener will help the environment and also reduce the energy bills of their occupier's. Everyone is being urged to tackle climate change and simple adjustments, such as turning the central heating down by one degree, can make a huge difference. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of a property will also be improved when making it more energy efficient.

A green loan scheme could be introduced by the government that would cover the costs of energy-efficient improvements made to properties, with expenses being returned through utility bills over 25 years.


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