Does your neighbour annoy you?

16 June 2011

A survey commissioned by Which? has shown that almost 5million UK homeowners are currently annoyed by their neighbour, with double this amount having a problem with their neighbour at least once over the past year.

The number one reason for being annoyed with your neighbour is noise, with the most complaints caused by blaring TVs, music, loud voices or arguing.

Out of those surveyed, nearly 25% were affected by door slamming and another 25% complained of being disturbed by their neighbour's pets making too much of a racket. One in five were frustrated by regular parties and and another 20% were unfortunate enough to hear their neighbours having sex.

The research showed that although most of us just try to ignore the problem, 10% chose to take revenge by being bad neighbours back and an astonishing 17% were forced to call the police. A third of those surveyed went and spoke to their neighbours calmly about their grievance.

Richard Lloyd, Which? executive director, said: "That so many people are losing sleep, getting distressed and struggling at work because of the noise from next door, shows the damage this does."

Would a noisy neighbour be too much for you? Do you think it would affect your house valuation? If you find yourself in this situation we'd recommend that you speak to one of our Move Planners about the ways in which you can increase the value of your house.

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