Dining rooms move up the room rankings at Christmas

16 December 2014

Dining rooms are very attractive to those of us that are looking to entertain over the festive period.

Across the country people are busy preparing for the holiday season and research from Ocean Finance has revealed one of the most desirable rooms of a property at Christmas is the dining room.

The dining room may not always be at the top of most home buyers’ wish lists but when it comes to large family gatherings during the festive season the dining room comes into its own.

Housladder.co.uk reports on findings from Ocean Finance that 31% of Brits named the dining room as the space their family spends the least amount of time. But when it comes to Christmas dinner the majority of households with a dining room cited it as their preferred room to eat in.

Ian Williams of Ocean Finance commented: "Today this space has fallen into disuse in many UK homes. Christmas could be the one exception to the rule, as families may decide to celebrate the special occasion by eating together in a more formal space than the kitchen-diner or living room."

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