Could this be the most expensive rental deal in London?

17 February 2012

The luxury apartment contains seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms and three reception rooms.

A London home is to be rented out for £100,000 per week during the 2012 Olympics. The Daily Mail has paralleled this to buying a terraced house in Manchester or purchasing an Aston Martin Coupe every week.

If the property is let for its proposed rental figures, it will be the most expensive rental deal in London’s history.

The property houses its own cinema, games room, swimming pool and sauna.

Usually let for £40,000 per week the luxury Mayfair apartment has seven bedrooms, as many bathrooms, two dressing rooms and three reception rooms. It also features a cinema, games room, gym, swimming pool and sauna.

Sol Campbell, former Arsenal and Tottenham defender has also made headlines in looking to rent his Chelsea flat out for £75,000 during London 2012.

Figures for rentals during the Olympic Games are set to make history. It has been reported that some landlords are even evicting tenants in order up rental costs with others renting out their gardens as campsites.

Pictures sourced from Knight Frank.

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