Buy property with your old pension

14 March 2012

Buy property with your pension

Move with Us has partnered with Future Assets to help the public boost their retirement fund through a unique method of investing in property. Under the new scheme, the public can now buy property using pension schemes they have paid into.

Move with Us research has shown that the majority of people with pensions worth less than £150,000 do not believe them to be of much use in helping them to achieve the retirement they desire.

Move with Us and the property investment team at Future Assets have devised a scheme to combat this by helping people invest their pensions in property. People can now use their pensions for a property* deposit when combining the pension with a mortgage arranged by their investment team.

Anthony Radford, Director at Move with Us has noted that: “Deposits for investment properties start at approximately £30,000 so this opportunity is open to many people looking to invest in property and make the most of their pension.”

“It will give people the chance to grow their pension funds enabling them to live a comfortable retirement from an amount of money that may have proved largely ineffective in assisting life after retirement.”

*UK residential property excluded

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