Britain's bushiest abode

5 January 2012

The Daily Mail has recently reported on a house in Chelmsford, Essex that was so covered in Ivy, it was almost completely obscured.

The three bedroom property would typically go on market for approximately £350,000 but its shrub-heavy exterior meant it came with an asking price of £120,000.

The Ivy took 20 years to cover the front of the housing, meaning it was bereft of light. The Ivy problem even became so huge that it began to creep inside the house.

The property has however, now been bought for the bargain price of £200,000 by Mr Utley, who has commented that it took a team of workers over a week to clear the house of Ivy and another week to dispose of it.

The house now stripped of Ivy, is set to be Mr Utley’s renovation project for 2012 with the house requiring new electrics, a new kitchen and redecoration requirements throughout though fortunately for him the ivy caused no structural damage to the building.

Pictures sourced from Eastnews Press Agency

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