Bill Murray’s old mansion is up for sale for a staggering $2, 795 million

2 August 2011

Bill Murray’s ex-home is up for sale in the state of New York. The Palisades boasts five bedrooms, an equal number of bathrooms and a fantastic garden. The main attraction however, isn’t the size and calibre of this luxury home but the metal pole running through its centre. The iconic fireman’s pole featured in the 1984 comedy Ghostbusters was installed by Murray as a piece of kitsch nostalgia. 

Murray and the rest of the Ghostbusters would slide down the pole on their way to battling hell-raising ghouls in the hit trilogy. Murray, staying true to his childish charm, had the pole installed after completing filming so he could slide from the recording studio down to the garage of this Rockland County based mansion.

The restored mansion is currently owned by composer David Shire, writer of the score for numerous hit films including Saturday Night Fever, and his wife Didi Conn, famous for playing Frenchy in Grease.

Murray lavishly restored the mansion with a touch of farmhouse chic from its 19th Century origins. The mansion is said to be decorated to an exceptional standard, not lacking any modern conveniences. Let’s just home Slimer isn’t a permanent feature!

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