19 November 2010

 The UK  property market is extremely susceptible to change, with the seasons of the year often playing a major part in dictating the best times to sell a house. Ideally, you want to be selling your house when the most amount of buyers are on the market, and the different seasons bring varying amounts of buyers. More buyers mean more bids, higher sale prices and quicker timescales – always a plus for any potential seller.

The best season, traditionally, to sell a house is Spring. The Spring weather tends to show properties in their best light, with gardens in full bloom and the mild light returning after Winter. There is often an increase in buyers during these months, particularly those who are looking to purchase and move ahead of the new school year in September. With this in mind, sellers would be advised to get their property on the market in March and April, ready for the influx of buyer and viewings seen at the end of April through to June. Longer days, attractive gardens and the motivation of buyers make Spring the best time to sell a house.

Autumn is also a particularly good time to sell a house, as home movers look to complete deals ahead of Christmas. With weather still reasonable at this stage and buyer motivation strong sellers often achieve quick sales at decent prices when selling property in Autumn. This is a narrow window to sell in, however, as if you delay until Winter there are less buyers around and less competition for your property. Take advantage of this high activity season by getting your property on market in September and October, which gives plenty of time for the sale to complete and exchange before Christmas.

The Summer and Winter months do generally see a slowdown in activity. Summer due to the school holidays and annual trips away taking up the time of potential buyers. To avoid this try and get your home on market by June and snap up any buyers before they get sidetracked by Summer activities. Winter, of course, tends to be slow due to the weather. Most home buyers delay their move until early Spring, making this not a good time to sell a house.

These are just general rules and a property can be sold at any time throughout the year providing it is priced correctly and marketed through the correct channels. A seller’s motivation is often the driving factor behind property sales, as being open to price changes and different marketing techniques tends to put you at an advantage over other sellers.

If you are motivated, concentrated and determined to sell your house, then you stand the best chance. Be patient and proactive and only use this best time to sell guide as exactly that, a guide. Good luck with your home sale

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