Best place to live in the countryside?

11 May 2011

South Cambridgeshire has recently been voted the 'best place to live in the countryside'. Following a Halifx survey on the best rural locations to live in the UK, the East Anglian area edged just ahead of east Hertfordshire and Uttlesford, in north-west Essex.

Why did South Cambridgeshire top the list? Because of a combination of high average life expectancies, a relatively good climate and high average salaries. The survey found that South Cambridgeshire has:

  • An average life expectance of 82 years
  • 79% employment rate
  • Average salary of £739 a week
  • Relatively good climate
  • Less rainfall per year than the national average

However, living in South Cambridgeshire does not come cheaply. The average house valuation in the area is approximately £275,000, over £100,000 more than the national average.

In more general terms the south of England tended to provide a better quality of rural life, with two out of three of the top 50 areas in the south of the country. The sunniest place was found to be the Isle of Wight, where locals enjoy an 37.4 hours of sunshine a week, on average.

The top 10 best rural places to live:

1. South Cambridgeshire
2. East Hertfordshire
3. Uttlesford
4. Aylesbury Vale
5. Waverley
6. Tandridge
7. Mid Sussex
8. Chiltern
9. East Cambridgeshire
10. Tonbridge and Malling

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