Bank holiday home improvements can bolster saleability

2 May 2012

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Undertaking the right home improvements can improve a property’s saleability.

Recently released figures have shown that there is often confusion between experts and property owners as to which home improvements can boost the house valuation of a property.

HSBC’s research has shown that property owners are routinely unaware of the benefits that experts believe will bolster a house valuation.

The figures indicate that 73% of property owners believe that de-cluttering a property will help it to sell whereas 93% of experts thought this would improve a property’s appeal. Again, 44% of property owners consider that mending things including broken fences and gates would assist a sale in comparison to 64% of specialists’ opinions.

Head of Mortgages at HSBC, Peter Dockar observed on that “many people will use the upcoming bank holidays to carry out large DIY tasks in order to boost the saleability of their abode.”

He also remarked that: "It is often the smaller jobs like painting the front door that can make all the difference when looking for a quick sale."

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