American cowboy town up for sale!

28 July 2011

Are you searching for the American dream? For less than £800,000 you can buy the cowboy town of Scenic, South Dakota.

Twila Merril, an ageing cowgirl has spent years buying up most of the town, bit by bit. Unfortunately her health is now problematic and she is being forced to sell up and relocate 500 miles away to Rochester, Minnesota. She is now selling the 46 acres of land she owns for just £799,000 - down from the original £3million valuation.

There are still eight residents living in Scenic, which used to be a thriving cowboy town. Scenic was founded as a stop-over on the rail road and included a bank, a church, a high school, grocery store and two saloons. The town also has a reputation for some of its more feisty visitors, which is why two jails can also be found there.

Leo Stangle, a resident of Scenic, said: "Scenic used to be quite the little town in its day." Stangle also attributes the decline of the town to falling employment levels, as people had to move further afield for work.

Ms Merril and her daughter are now selling the land, and properties which include a U.S. Post Office, the Longhorn Fuel & Food Convenience Store, the Longhorn Saloon, a museum, two houses and the two jails.

Around 700 cars pass through Scenic each day, which is situated in the middle of the beautiful Badlands National Forest.

With house valuations continuing to deter many potential buyers in the UK, maybe some will start to look across the ocean to purchase Scenic - their own cowboy town and slice of the American dream.

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