5 July 2010

A study into the average price of Britain’s 858,000 residential streets has found that home addresses with ‘hill’ in their first line are worth almost £125,000 more than a typical house anywhere else in the UK.

‘Lane’ came second in the survey, with ‘Mews’ third. There are 6,838 addresses which include ‘hill’ in the UK, according to valuation website Zoopla, with the average price of these totally £341,446.

On the bottom end of the scale is ‘street’, which is the cheapest, with properties costing on average £155,515. ‘Road’ is the most common address, with nearly 145,000 locations including this word.

In London, house values have risen 14.2% over the past year, compared with only 1.8% in the North East. According to the Land Registry property prices fell 0.2% in May, the first monthly fall since April 2009.


Source: Daily Mail

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