40% of movers looking to upsize

29 July 2011

In our most recent research we have found that 40% of the movers that we speak to are looking to sell because they are upsizing. This is particularly encouraging as it indicates that people are not only able to move in the current climate, but can afford to upgrade to a bigger property.

To help visitors to our website find properties that they can afford we recently launched an innovative new search. All you need to do is enter your financial details and the search will bring up the properties in your area that you can afford – as well as a breakdown of the costs of moving. Try out our search today to find out what you can afford.

Second in the list of reasons for moving was relocation, with 13% of those surveyed looking to change area. Luckily for them, the network of estate agents that we work with spans nationwide and they can be passed to the local expert in their desired area. Click here to read more about the relocation benefits of our network.

If you’re thinking about moving the best place to start is the online house estimate tool. This will give an idea into your house price, and what sort of price you could achieve for your current property.

We like to get to know our customers, and what makes them tick. With this in mind our team of Move Planners talk to buyers and sellers on a daily basis, to find out the reasons behind their move and to ensure that we continue to give the best service.


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