New listings decrease by a quarter each year

28 September 2015

Recent research carried out by Move with Us, home to the largest network of quality independent estate agents, has identified the number of new properties for sale has decreased. 60% of estate agents have seen a reduction in new property numbers throughout the UK. On average they have seen them dip by a quarter in an annual comparison. Agents in the North West have even seen a drop of 75%.  


Garden size is the number one compromise for home buyers

6 August 2015

According to a brand new survey, potential homebuyers are most willing to compromise on the size of their garden when searching for a new home.


Look to put your house on the market by 11 July if you want to move by Christmas

6 July 2015

If homeowners want to move by Christmas, they should aim to put their property on the market by 11 July 2015. This is according to data on average selling times from the latest Move with Us Market Review. 


1/3 of agents vote April the best month to sell property

6 May 2015

The latest data from Move with Us, the home of independent estate agency, has revealed that the best month in the year to sell property is April. April topped the poll in a survey of over 100 independent estate agents with 33% of the vote.
The second best month to sell property is March with 25% of the vote followed by May in third place with 14%.
Simon King, Managing Director of the Move with Us Partner Network commented: “April is always a busy time of the year for the property market which predominantly stems from psychological motivation. With Christmas out the way, spring seen as a time of new beginnings and sunshine invoking a sense of positivity, it’s the natural time to look at buying a new home. It’s what makes it such a great time of year for anyone thinking of selling to put their home on the market.”
“In practical terms April is a great time to sell property too. The clocks change around this time of year so there are more daylight hours to fit in viewings, gardens look better and brighter in marketing photos as well as in the flesh. Many families that are thinking of moving also start looking during the Easter holidays with a view to moving in the summer holidays and getting settled for the new year.”
Move with Us’ top tips for selling this spring:
Let spring in
It’s spring, so you should be able to open windows without fear of making the house feel chilly (though you never really know in England). Don’t forget to air rarely used rooms.
Window dressing
People are drawn towards windows – a plus in sunny weather when they can look out onto the garden. Make sure the glass is sparkling, clear window sills and keep curtains pulled right back to make rooms seem brighter.
Inside out
Now the weather is heating up and everyone is spending more time outdoors, use it to your advantage. Living space is not just the interior walls of your home. Whether you have a small courtyard or a large garden, you should look to make our outside living spaces as inviting as the inside. Cozy seating areas or a dining table complete with place settings are a great way to do this. Be creative. Small touches help people to imagine themselves living in the property.
Garden greenery
Brown patches on lawns are a blight on a pretty garden so keep grass well watered during any droughts. 


Will a shared ownership property mortgage be right for me?

27 March 2015

Despite the United Kingdom’s (UK) apparent emergence from the economic mire following the financial crash of 2008 and the subsequent burst of what is commonly termed a ‘property bubble’ it can still be very difficult to get yourself on the property ladder.

This is especially the case for younger people and first-time buyers because they are less likely to have the necessary capital in order to put down a deposit on a property. Once upon a time mortgages were available where you could pay for the property 100% through mortgage payments; the best you’re looking at these days would be around 95% (but that would have consequences regarding interest!).


Move with Us & Homeflow join forces

26 March 2015

Move with Us, home of the UK’s largest network of independent estate agents, has partnered with online property marketing specialists Homeflow. The new partnership will provide network partners with exclusive website designs and the latest technology to help them compete with large corporate agencies and grow their businesses.


Three bed semi-detached homes are this year’s best sellers

25 March 2015

Research from Move with Us has demonstrated that three bedroom semi-detached homes will be the best sellers on the property market this year. In a survey of 130 estate agents, when asked which property type they think will sell best in their area in 2015, 46% said semi-detached. When asked which number of bedrooms they believe will sell best 70% opted for three bedroom homes. This is the third year in a row, agents have voted three bed semis as the best sellers in the property market.

Other estate agents noted that any properties at the lower end of the market will sell well this year in addition to new builds.


Estate agents reveal unusual décor displayed in vendors’ homes

17 February 2015

A recent survey from Move with Us, home of the largest network of independent estate agents in the UK, has revealed the most sickeningly romantic things agents have seen in a property they’re trying to sell.

Sixty-one per cent of the agents surveyed had seen unusual romantic décor in a seller’s home. Of this group, 41% noted couples selling their home have decorated it with naked pictures of themselves. Fifty per cent of these photos had been up-scaled to a size of up to 6ft. Twenty per cent of this decorating choice was hundreds of pictures of the couple crafted to make a collage.

Eight per cent of agents that have witnessed unusual romantic décor have seen romantic paintings of couples in properties. Finally, 4% of agents have seen personalised pillowcases, mirrored ceilings and love timelines depicting the couple’s journey.

Here are the top five miscellaneous answers that made us chuckle:


Growing families is the most popular reason for Brits to expand their home

9 February 2015

Research from Ocean Finance has revealed that 12% of property owners are looking to invest in their property by creating more space in 2015.

The findings show the main reasons for improvements such as an extension or conversion is a growing family or grown-up children moving back home. Moving house is costly so it’s interesting to see that some homeowners are keen to improve their current property rather than move.

The survey also found homeowners are also keen to improve their homes this year by decorating (25%), fitting a new kitchen (8%) and having a new bathroom installed (7%).

Ian Williams, spokesperson for Ocean Finance commented: "It's interesting to see that a leading motivation for this is family; whether that's more children coming along or grown-up kids coming back."


Research reveals how Stamp Duty reforms have affected the property market

30 January 2015

Research has revealed early signs of how the recent Stamp Duty reforms have affected the property market across the UK. The research was conducted by Move with Us, home of the largest network of independent estate agents.

The results showed that 27% of estate agents have noticed that property prices have risen past old Stamp Duty thresholds. This was followed by 25% of agents that have observed demand from buyers has increased and 23% noticed the changes have encouraged more new listings.

When agents were asked if they support the new reforms, 47% wholeheartedly support them and 42% support them but feel there’s still room for improvement.

Under the new Stamp Duty reforms home buyers now pay a tiered rate of tax on the proportion of the purchase price that falls above each threshold. For example on a £275,000 house buyers pay £4,500 less tax than under the old, flat-rate system.

Simon King, Director of Move with Us commented:
“Reforms to Stamp Duty were long overdue and it’s nice to see the issue being addressed. Whilst it’s still early days, agents initial opinions of how Stamp Duty has affected the property market signal growth and stimulation, which is what the reforms were intended to do.