House prices in my area

‘What are the house prices in my area?’ is a question we hear time and time again as we all want to know about local house prices.

Want to find out your local house prices?

Getting a house valuation from an accredited estate agent is the only definitive way to find out our much your house is worth but our online house estimate tool will give you a good approximation by combining data from a number of sources.

Working out house prices in your area can be tricky. Here are just some of the factors that determine house prices in your area from an industry expert:

Crime: Crime can affect the price of a house as, if an area is renowned for having a high crime rate, it is less attractive to potential buyers thereby driving down prices.

Economic regeneration: Any new shopping complexes, parks or transport links will make an area more desirable and increase commuter ability which pushes housing prices up.

Supply and demand: Generally, the fewer homes for sale in an area, the higher the house prices will be as people compete for living space by increasing the amount they are willing to pay for a property. If there are lots of houses on the market prices tend to stay consistent, or possibly drop as people have to work harder to sell.

Amenities: The number of amenities such as shops, schools, hospitals and transport will increase the value of houses in your area. Any property near to a train station with a regular bus service nearby will fetch more than a property of a similar size and quality out in the sticks.

Condition: The condition of housing will also determine prices in your local area. If the housing in a given area is well looked after, the prices will be higher than if the same set of houses have been completely neglected.

There is however, a quick fix! Our online house estimate is the ideal starting point to help you find out your local property prices. The house estimate will use specialist knowledge from the property industry to:

  • Give you an idea about the value of your house
  • Help you prepare before you meet with an estate agent
  • Provide an overview of local property prices 

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House price trends

House price trends are notoriously hard to predict, and many so-called experts often come up short when it comes to predicting whether prices are likely to rise or fall. The UK housing market has experienced a slow recovery since the economic crash in 2007 and the most accurate predictions on house price trends seem to be those who forecast little movement in values.

This means that, although there may be small increases and decreases in house prices, there is nothing to suggest that we will see great rises or falls in the coming months. As a result we'd recommend that you arrange a free house valuation with an estate agent, so that you know exactly where you stand in the current market. 

House valuations by postcode

The only way to get a definitive answer into the local house prices in your area is to arrange a free house valuation of your property. We would recommend working with an accredited estate agent to do so, as they will understand the local area and the property prices in your neighbourhood.

Each property is unique and has its own distinctive features, and this is why an estate agent must come out to perform a full house valuation. The online house estimate tool will give a quick indication, but a full house valuation will give you an accurate figure into your house price.