How are the home improvements calculated?

The Move with Us online estimate tool recognises that not each home is the same, and that any home improvements made could add significantly value to the property.

The home improvement calculations come from a survey conducted by Move with Us. We compiled their results and it showed the following:

Most valuable additions to a property

Rank Addition Typical average value added Added value (based on the Land Registry's average house price of approx. £165,000)
1st Extra bedroom 8.8% £14,572
2nd Loft conversion 7.1% £11,757
3rd Extra bathroom 6.1% £10,101
4th New kitchen 5.8% £9,605
5th Central heating 5.4% £8,942
6th Off street parking 5.2% £8,611
7th New bathroom 5.1% £8,445
8th Conservatory 5.0% £8,280
9th Double glazing 4.2% £6,955
10th New conservative decoration 3.7% £6,127
11th Improve/landscape garden 3.6% £5,961
12th Insulation 2.3% £3,809
13th Wooden flooring 2.0% £3,312
14th Alarm system 1.6% £2,650

Due to the nature of the survey we have only included a selection of home improvements. If you have had any further improvements then please contact us and we will help you arrange a full valuation with an accredited estate agent.


*The Move with Us estimate is our online assessment of a property value and does not constitute a valuation. Our data may be incomplete or inaccurate and should be supported with a full valuation from an accredited estate agent.